Your “Virtual” General Manager

Done For You

Hands On Help With Your 2IC

Someone working with you and your best interests at heart as your General Manager of Operations or Special Projects Manager.

  • Not enough time, interest or knowledge to get all those great ideas implemented into your business?
  • You’d Prefer to be doing what you’re best at
  • You’d rather someone would just get it all done for you…or at least have someone there you can lean on when you get stuck.
  • You also need that Manager to share the load and allow you to keep focussed on your important strengths but to be there to bounce your thoughts, and frustrations off when needed.

What can this include??

As much or as little as you want…… Your VGM role is to assist the business owner and responsibilities mainly include managing and co-ordinating work of the team and managers reporting to him. You choose the level you want and dependent on the level of support you require your VGM can:

  • devise and plan company policies for final approval,
  • develop and document guidelines of operation for critical processes,
  • devise and set up an annual budgets, targets and financial reporting,
  • analyse the functioning of company departments, and review with the owner,
  • play an important part in recruiting and training team members,
  • drive the implementation of systems across the business,
    • including operations, sales, marketing, human resources, administration and managment,
  • provide training to managers regarding how to increase employee performance,
  • research and select outsourced suppliers for special requirements,
  • discuss action plans and marketing strategies with sales managers to increase the company profits,
  • travel to visit potential clients or suppliers and discuss business with them if required.

How It Works

We will co-ordinate all things business for you…a bit like having a 2.I.C by your side.

Maybe you are not that keen on all the business management stuff and would be happy if someone else did it for you?

This is a unique service developed for businesses who don’t have the capacity to fund a full time GM. Your Virtual GM will help significantly with the overall management of the business, implementing our “Systemology” process, while you as the owner can continue to focus on your own areas of strength.

You don’t need to carry all the overheads as we work remotely and liaise with you and your team as required…and as efficiently as possible using current technology where it will help save you time & money

In a nutshell….your VGM has to make sure that all departments and practices are working as anticipated by your company’s annual plan. Our packages are tailored to suit the smallest of one man bands, through to significantly larger SME’s and is ideal for Franchises.

If you need support of this nature, or just want to ask some questions, just call 0414 491977 or contact us by email and we can discuss your needs and options with no obligation.

I look forward to being able to help…as your ally,  on your side, by your side(virtually).



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