Ultimate Marketing Plan

The Marketing Action Plan for non Marketers.

Aimed at helping Business Leaders and working through all the essential ingredients this workshop gives you the layout and ideas to implement into your business to help you power up the marketing of your business. 

We will work through why we need a solid Marketing Plan, what we are really good at, what am I promoting, who should I be targeting and where we will find them in large numbers.
We identify the numbers we need to know and why, and then explore a range of over 300 possible strategies to add to our plan to use for the best effect.

We will then take the key actions to implement and put them into a weekly M.A.P. to systemise your Marketing going forwards, so you don’t go back to that old ad-hoc approach.

You’ll leave with a big edge….maybe an unfair advantage even…over your competitors having developed a master plan to create significant growth in the future…

Thank you once again Clive for a motivational day with the office team…. As always Clive was well organised and with his depth of knowledge in all facets of business orchestrated a structured and results orientated meeting. After five hours of brain storming, self appraisal and some soul searching we successfully drew up a marketing plan for our company. The most important ingredient to the success of this plan was the fact that the team who would be left with the charge of delivering the message to our customers were the ones that were making most of the suggestions. We also found by having them away from the office and having a professional mediating the meeting, we the directors got an insight into the minds of our sales people. Thank you once again Clive for taking the time out in your day to manage this event for us and we would really like to repeat this again towards the end of this year. In fact it should be scheduled into our plan to be an ongoing activity. Robin Fridell – Modern Group


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