Tools For Efficiency

Find the right tools to create and lock policies and procedures in place.

All organisations become efficient and effective when the relevant and well structured policies and procedures are in place and the leadership instills the right culture with their team to ensure everyone is working together with these processes.

Here are a selection of what we like to use…


Project Management

One of my favourite simple yet so effective. We love using Smartsheet to help us run projects, share tasks and keep track of so many different business needs, Often many tasks are involved and need to running concurrently to meet the deadlines so we create the plan, and help keep the timeline under control, wherever possible with the external factors that can throw things off track.

Clients enjoy the simplicity of using Smartsheet, which helps them with activity reminders, timelines, grouping activities, sharing discussion notes and other attachments too.Smartsheet-Example We have developed a number of templates including a fully systemised Project Management tool to assist in developing your business into a fully systemised business... Why not take a FREE 30 day Trial and see how powerful it can be for you.

Online Training System

TalentLMS is really easy and built to increase your teams satisfaction and fun from online learning & training.

Always available on the Cloud so there is no need to install, upgrade or backup anything, TalentLMS is a Cloud powered Learning Management System.

You can build elearning courses in minutes, and re-use your presentations and videos or a wide range of online material with Social integrations. Make stunning courses with minimal effort. Set up your own custom domain, logo and theme and make your Learning Management System (LMS) look the way you dreamt it.

More Info

Web Knowledge Base

TKO Business Modeller is a policy and procedure software application that allows you to get everything out of your head and into a documented system...and now-a-days it is best kept in the cloud for easy access by your team.

Create a policy or procedure to handle almost any situation so that the business is less dependant on individuals and more on systems and team work. Create, categorise and manage your organisations know how. Read More...

Getting our Procedures Manual produced by you is a real peace of mind as our senior operator gets closer to retirement…Michelle – Ultimate Fit
Thanks so much for producing our Policies and Procedures Clive and Stella…a great foundation to build our group on…. Richard Windeyer – Your Business Connections
We love the ease of use that you have introduced to our Procedures manuals system TKO. Thanks for your support in getting it completed. Everyone is now working on the same page….Ross – CC Repairs
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