Team Coaching

Your Management Team All Working Together

This is a powerful program for your management and project teams to receive Team Coaching. Differently to Individual Coaching, this coaching will address the impact of the organisations executive leadership, top tier dynamics and operational performance.

The Coaching sessions are to move an executive team to higher performance through engagement, relationships, team functioning and decision making.

If you have capable individuals in leadership and senior management positions yet you have execution issues, or you often miss the targets and strategies you aim for then this series of seminars will be ideal. These sessions can have a profound impact including;

  • Building understanding and fostering cooperation between the top leaders;
  • Enables reflection time in a hectic and responsive environment;
  • Coaching is conducted real time while the team is at work;
  • Addressing conflicts and behaviours that undermine the culture;
  • Questions why the group are not having the conversations they should be having;
  • Building a coaching culture
  • Considering individual leadership in a group environment to encourage transparent and appropriate communication of the organisations leaders…..

The 8 month Program will include..

  • 8 group sessions,
  • 8 individual coaching sessions per person
  • 3 CEO plus HR feedback sessions
  • A Profile on each participant and
  • A 360 analysis on each participant.

…and will focus on… the many styles of Management, Leadership in context and Self Management.. and more. Your team will learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and behaviours and receive individual coaching around all of these lessons to enable peak performance.

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