Team Alignment & Training Day

At least annually it is important to take time to re-focus on the business Vision, Mission and Purpose, to discuss strategies and plans for the forthcoming year, and make sure that everyone ins on the same page.

A critical investment to gain the commitment, creativity, engagement and alignment of your team, either as a stand-alone exercise, or as a pre-cursor to a Coaching program.

This workshop is run over a full day (or 2 half days) and includes a proven training agenda, Team Assessments and is designed to focus on the following:-

  • Alignment of the roles and actions with company goals and strategic intent of the business
  • Discuss the commonalities, differences, opportunities and issues to gain full alignment
  • Discuss the keys to a winning team
  • Identify mutual performance goals and agree on measurable goals, roles and accountability of each party along with clear and specific actions
  • Opportunities for growth, improvement and change while addressing the organization’s historical success, commitments, agenda and challenges which may impact successful implementation.

Ask about doing this on a Nautical PowWow….add to your creativity in an ideal setting for thinking differently

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