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As a Leader we all face challenges daily that we need to navigate. With so many variables confronting us we need a Tool bag full of tried and proven Frameworks or life can be pretty tricky without them.

This is a NO HYPE program – I like to just cut to the chase and get on with it – I know you are busy

Are You A Manager, Team Leader, Business Owner? Which of these do you experience?
  • My people don’t do what I need them to do.
  • I’m busy but going backwards.
  • We need a strategy but no one agrees what the strategy is.
  • We have a strategy but it’s not getting done.
  • The culture needs to change.
  • We need to change and everyone is resisting.
  • I am stressed out and overwhelmed.
  • I have a belief that is holding me back.
  • I’m getting feedback that I need to change a behavior.
  • I have a conflict hurting my ability to get things done
  • I can’t get control of my time and I am working too hard.
  • I need to develop other leaders, and make a succession plan.
  • I need to communicate with more impact.
  • I need to be more influential.
  • I am stepping into a new role and need to position myself to succeed.

Way too many  Leaders experience too many of these challenges. Imagine how much more effective they could be with some tried and proven frameworks to follow!

Unlock The Efficient Leaders Tactical Tool Bag

This absolutely Essential Tactical Tool Bag…holds over 70 (and growing) powerful tools designed to empower your Management and Leadership to save you stress, help you get awesome results and enjoy your responsibility. To get your hands on it join the Essential Systems Academy..each one of the frameworks in this bag can help todays leaders excel.

We regularly add to your Tool Bag one or more of these proven tactical tools and show you how it works and the successes it can help you with. Tackle just a single challenge with one of these tools and it more than pays back your total investment….in multiples! Depending on your position and role you could be talking hundreds or millions of $$$$ over time with the impact you can bring to your organisation by applying them in your life. Imagine how you’ll feel with the possibilities that these new skills will empower you…here are a few of the modules… Try it for only $7 for 2 weeks

The Leadership Dashboard
Build Effective Teams
Set Strategic Direction
Succession Planning
The Success Action Monitor
Resolve Conflict
Coaching Your Suppliers
Engage & Mobilise
Financials Made Easy
Implement Systems For Efficiency
Create High Performance Culture
The Meeting Minder
Improve Board Effectiveness
Leading Change
Manage your Time
Communicate Powerfully
Get An Idea Accepted
Manage Up
Service Excellence Focus
Ultimate Marketing System
Managing Stress
Foster Smart Collaboration
Influence More Effectively
Develop A Bulletproof Powerbase
Execute Ideas Effectively
Changing Behaviours

Systematic Leaders Academy

Not only do you get the superb and proven frameworks for Leadership success, but the Systematic Leaders Academy steps you through the “Essential Systems Tool Bag” full of these Frameworks.

The total value of all these Frameworks is well is excess of $6,000 and every month we will take you through one of the Frameworks step by step so you can implement it into your leadership. Imagine being armed with all these awesome frameworks for the rest of your life.

PCC_WEB A monthly module will work through each framework plus open email support for each module. An additional Q&A forum will answer some of the questions that arise from you regarding that framework. The Frameworks will be provided in Spreadsheet, PDF, or Word formats plus the copy of the training session...valued at over $12,000 in total.

The Tool Bag For You

Are you an aspiring Leader? Maybe you are a young professional starting your journey?

You might be a Business Owner or Manager of a Department.

You might have a Community role.

These tools and the Academy are designed and relevant for you. Use them in work, socially, in your community...they are valuable wherever you go.

Access the tool bag and notes from your mobile devices wherever you are - your Tool Bag in your pocket - never be without them.

Thanks Clive. I have spoken to the team and everyone really enjoyed the Leadership Dashboard workshop and feels they got a lot from it. A real credit to you and your presentation style. Alex – Director.

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The Total Package is worth well over $15,000 and is now yours for only $61 per month ...

Pay $497 now for 12 months access and save $235

Note - PayPal Account Is Called "Turbobytes"

For a Limited Time only – Everyone likes a bit of one-on-one help too occasionally so by subscribing now you can secure yourself a monthly 15 minute Skype call for the next 6 months at no extra cost, to talk about any of the Frameworks covered and get help to speed up your progress…having a Coach on your side is worth the $thousands my private clients pay….but I only have limited time..and therefore spaces.

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