Supply Chain Focus

Coaching, Change Management & Training Tailored To Your Needs

Supply Mgt Apps

Step by step hands on training through each module to ensure you understand all the features and can optimise your usage at all levels to help you capitalise on all the features and benefits

Change Management

The art of creating the right processes, methodologies and frameworks which build consistency and reliability into your operation is what call Systemology. Without these we find ourselves continually fixing issues and wasting time unnecessarily.

Using Systemology processes we help with the Change Management required to ensure new policies and procedures are implemented effectively...we will show you how

Efficiency Coaching

Productivity and Time Management training for Managers and Executives to achieve Organisational Efficiency. Our Internationally Accredited Professional Coach will share tried, tested and proven skills and practices to ensure you achieve your best from each day reliably and effectively.

Constant demands for our time just add to the list of things that need doing and we need to be always improving how we manage the time available to us.

Leadership Excellence

The Go Getters Systems Grab Bag complete with everything a Supply Chain Leader would need to develop their team and their career.

A comprehensive kit of useful tools, processes and skill sets to apply in different circumstances as they arise. Be prepared and pro-active in your role and become known as a great Leader in the organisation. This is a 12 month Academy that you will take forward for the rest of your life.

Tender / RFQ Processing

Strategic Sourcing Best Practice. How to write great questions to streamline the Tender and RFQ evaluation process and get optimum outcomes.

Creating templates to draw from and automating the shortlisting of responses all to save time yet get the best outcome - taking into account all variables and not just price.

Strategic Planning

Facilitating your Supply Chain and Organisational planning and training in house to help your growth and effectiveness.

Having someone external to challenge you and your thinking as a facilitator to your planning will bring structure and different perspectives and assist in the development of effective action plans

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