Stock Control

Manage Your Major Asset Carefully

All to often we find Stock Control is, well… isn’t controlled. Purchases are made, stock is delivered or collected, and put into the store…(or maybe not), and then forgotten until it is needed. Panic happens and knee jerk purchasing is done without any planning when all of a sudden something is required and it can’t be found, or simply has run out. Then there are people in the company that need to know what stock is there to sell, or use for orders as they come in, but without accurate stock keeping systems in place, they just don’t have easy access to the right information.

Stock Control Processes

With years of Inventory Management under his belt, our CEO can guide you, and will help you establish appropriate systems to ensure you maintain accurate records and keep control of your stock levels all year round.

An example of this was a $12M computer hardware and software with major stock control issues…with only 48% accuracy in reality versus the computer records … a disaster waiting to happen…! Using a simple systematic approach to identifying errors, mainly procedural, and putting systems or procedures in place, through all departments from Sales to Accounts, Purchasing, Goods in, Despatch, Returns, and Senior Management… we lifted the accuracy to 99.8%. It was all about having the right processes in place…for every event that affects inventory.


In addition we will help you with management of full stocktakes and data processing. Planning and running a stocktake efficiently and effectively takes discipline, timing and organisation to get accurate results. We bring our expertise to your team and will run the stocktake for you. 

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