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Many Happy Clients

Some of the many compliments I have received over the years.

I like to identify specific benefits to help others like you and you will find them here.  The joy I get is reading about benefits that I wasn’t even aware of my clients enjoying as a result of working with them….
Please take time to read as many as you can….this is just a selection from my last 25 years in business…from hands on assistance, through Coaching and running training and facilitating workshops

Firstly a testimonial from my most recent client….T.W.Woods Testimonial highlighting the successful hands-on implementation of a new Business Management ERP and ISO 9001 among other things as Virtual General Manager.

I’d like to thank you for the years that we worked together. In this time you put me on the path of certainty instead to the path of chaos. Im quite sure if we hadn’t worked together I wouldn’t be here, due to stress or monetary issues due to lack of knowledge. At the time we started I was running projects not knowing profit and loss or in depth reading of balance sheets or even margins or markups. This also lead us down the path of creating a system based on the government’s lack of education for even the basic business to create systems that keep them in control. I feel this knowledge you have passed onto me has given me the insight in a time of my life which I can make decisions and also take control or even change directions without worrying I am doing the wrong thing as I have the ability to access the actions on a different level, one in which I had no clue those years ago….Rodney Kirk – Rodney Kirk Pty. Ltd.

Without systems you don’t have a system to succeed….Helen – Free To Be Me

Clive is easy going and very good at explaining things…. Anthony – Smartline

Clive has a great way of putting things into perspective and making you accountable…..Ben – Bluewater Stainless

Thanks Clive for pointing me in the right direction. Being able to discuss with you my needs and requirements has helped me direct my focus on the things I need to implement in growing my business. Thanks once again…. Ed – Photolook

Getting our Procedures Manual produced by you is a real peace of mind as our senior operator gets closer to retirement….Michelle – Ultimate Fit

Thanks so much for producing our Policies and Procedures Clive and Stella…a great foundation to build our group on…. Richard Windeyer – Your Business Connections

We love the ease of use that you have introduced to our Procedures manuals system TKO. Thanks for your support in getting it completed. Everyone is now working on the same page….Ross – CC Repairs

Chantelle has had an amazing change. I met with her again a couple of weeks back and it is astonishing how much her mindset has changed and how motivated she is to acheive her dreams. You have done a fantastic job with her and she was so appreciative of how much you have done to help her. I made the point to her about the person she was when I met her prior to introducing you as a mentor and how far she has come in such a short timeframe. Great work Clive!
Shaun Polley – Relationship Executive – Commonwealth Bank

Thank you Clive for your Executive Coaching… I greatly appreciated the openness we shared and you certainly know the real me. Your professional and expert approach helped me immensely and I now have a greater understanding in general. Whilst it seems we only just got started, I endeavour to continue to grow and develop with your advice in mind – Scott McWilliams – McWilliams Wine Group

The work doesn’t stop when the Business Coaching session ends – Robin Fridell – Modern Group

Go see Clive. No Excuses! – Tony Rich – One Agency Eastlakes

Give him a go. He will certainly open your Pandoras box – Richard Raper – APPS

Go see him. Is worth every penny, but only you can benefit if you choose – Brett King – Lawnmax

I have found it extremely useful and if you want to achieve bigger and better things all it takes is the first contact. All you have to do is want it – Kylie Pratt – Master GardenerInclude the cost in the budget and start today – James Pratt – Master Gardener

Do it. You can’t do it by yourself – Mark Scott – The Property Investment Guy

The 360 degree review and Coaching will help your business immensely – Scott McHugh – SGM Fabrication

Clive gets down to the small things that others gloss over with hype – Don Rae – Fabulous Furniture
My personal thank you to you Clive for setting the foundations for change in me and Fab and for never overlooking the small things, so the big things can come forth. My gratitude to you for your friendship as well. Don Rae – Fabulous Furniture

Be willing to spend the time using what you learn from Clive. He has a lot of knowledge, you’ll need to digest & utilise in your business. – Guido Magri – Mr Rentals
Thanks for all of the coaching to date – I have learnt quite a lot. It certainly has made a difference to how I run various areas of my business. – Guido Magri – Mr Rentals

Clive is down to earth, and willing & able to help you set goals and work towards achieving them – Judy King – John King Photography
Helps to organise your business to get more profit – John King – John King Photography

His approach is “real”.. not preaching word for word from self help books – Rachael Sheldrick – GS Mechanical

I think this man is sincere and worth a go – Mark Trenter – Timerite Removals and Storage
You have been most helpful and we would not hesitate in recommending your service – Mark Trenter – Timerite Removals and Storage

Definitely recommended – Michael Schmidt – Hunter Employee Relations

Would recommend you do as he gives additional set of ears and helps fill in the gaps to your business
Allan Hawkins – Hunter Valley Blinds

Possibly the single best thing you could do to improve your business and life overall
Peter Scott – Web Systems Management

Once again Clive, I really appreciate your integrity and neutrality during this process. I have discovered it is a rare character asset among contractors… Anthony Critchley – Newfangled Ideas. (during split of partnership)

Thank you for the help you have given us and the skills, understanding and directions that have our business working at a very satisfactory level…. Adam & Colleen White – Krav Maga Newcastle

Thanks for encouraging me to attend the Business Excellence Forum (BEF) this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Forum, but I can honestly say it has completely changed my focus, goals and business plan.Being able to learn from the keynote speakers was invaluable – people who had run their own businesses, experienced the highs and the lows, and were able to impart the things they know from their first hand experience. Though the part I found most rewarding was the opportunity, throughout the entire forum, to meet and share ideas with other business owners. It was a great atmosphere when everyone was wanting to share their processes, brainstorm and help others through problems. What I took from it is that no matter what type of business you have, we all experience similar situations. I remember towards the end, Brad said ‘you don’t need to go to every seminar under the sun, just one great one and then go away and put into play what you’ve learnt. I can’t agree more and recommend the BEF enough because it gave me the enthusiasm to put the plans I made in one weekend into action for the coming years…. Michelle Barker – Jayes Travel

I always read your emails, always thought provoking! Been doing a deal a month, so business good. Girls are all happy, that’s more important. You have so much to offer Clive, thank you for sharing! – Nigel Archer – Affordable Homes

“Thanks Clive – a $50 strategy turned into at least $4K in sales so far..” “Doing brilliantly this year compared to previously – due to systems implemented…even paying myself first” – Greg Coleman – Coleman & Co    I’m servicing my clients 200% better now – Greg Coleman – Coleman & Co

Thank you for being guest speaker at our Rotary club recently. I know that members enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. Several of us as small business owners, we could see the real value of the work you do. In particular the confidence you have that you can save a client significant money by conducting your ’360 degree’ business assessment, where you promise several times your fee for the service will be identified as savings, or no charge. It’s a great guarantee. Kind regards and thanks so much for the presentation… Adrian – President

We honestly wouldn’t be where we are today without your guidance. Love Loz and Shelle – Jayes Travel (upon winning major award)

I find Clive very easy to deal with and enjoy our coaching relationship very much. Its actually quite fun and I always feel encouraged rather than judged or pushed, which is important to me. When I started with Clive there were many things i wasn’t doing for my business that i knew i should but couldn’t find the time (read motivation/energy…) to do them. Clive helped me to make them important and easy – now i actually look forward to doing most of them. Bec – Estabar

I now have a new level of understanding of my business performance, more control on a day to day basis of my inputs and outputs and a greater sense of security and confidence. We’re going great guns in at estabar, the new menu is receiving some great feedback, the figures are up up up and renovation is coming together very nicely. Bec – Estabar

Hey thanks for your coaching over the last however long its been, i really feel like we achieved allot!  Cherio Bec – Estabar

I was very pleased with our meeting the other day, as well as the initial review process. It certainly was beneficial to have “outside” eyes looking at my business and helping to point me in the right direction, as well as to point out that we actually are doing a lot of the processes already, and just need to formalise them better. Graham Young – Gana Design

Now that we have identified “what” we need to do we can start working on “how” it needs to be achieved, and enables it to be time framed. I am confident that we will be able to measure our success. I think probably the greatest benefit I see will be measuring our progress to allow accurate progress to be detailed. I am looking forward to being able to keep you informed of our successes. Thanks again…. Graham Young – Gana Design

I would happily talk about our experience and that Clive is worth every penny – Lauren Ryan – Jayes Travel

“Clive’s input to our training and consultancy business has been invaluable in numerous ways. Our business has clear direction for achieving growth, a platform for marketing and promotion, and we now have control over the financials of our business. ….,  Clive has greatly assisted us to manage the stresses and strains of business partnership at a personal level. ….. our meetings have become essential to what we do and one of the best investments we make in growing our business……. I have observed that prior to the coaching, although I had much of the right thinking, nothing ever eventuated. Once I made the commitment to coaching I noticed I got commitment from my business partner (wife). We were finally speaking the same language. This meant we were progressing in the same direction rather then constantly sabotaging (unintentionally) each others efforts. As you would expect, I now approach each day more positively, more confidently and really enjoy the business relationships I am developing with associates and clients”…… Paul Schott, Director, Newfangled Ideas – ‘Strengthening Organisations’

“I have found coaching to be the one thing that has made my life easier in respect of time. I was working from 7.00 till sometime 7.00 at night a few years ago. Now from 8.00 to 5.00 and with half days on Fridays. Coaching has also made me look at other avenues in other businesses, which will pay off in the next few years. …. I would recommend this coaching to everyone……” Rodney Kirk, Rodney Kirk Pty Ltd – Builders & Contractors

I now feel the information and systems that we’ve put in place gives me a very clear picture about the business – what’s going in and out and what I need to improve. It puts my finger on the pulse and now I know what’s going on in the business.” I was looking at a website and Clive suggested we look at other forms of marketing first that could be more cost effective and reach a bigger target market more immediately. That was very helpful for me.” “I haven’t found anything I don’t like yet.” “No regrets at all. I quite look forward to his monthly workshops too.” “Pretty much anything Clive can provide is helpful. I’m a hands on person and Clive has bought me out of that situation and I need to come from a different position that is working on the business, not in it and that has been really helpful for me – my word!” I’m trying to manage two businesses and have only recently realised with Clive’s help, one of them could actually have much more potential but I need to streamline the one I’m working on at the moment and to sell the other one. “Clive is the 1st and only coach I’ve used. I’ve never thought about using a business coach before and now I’ve got him I’m quite satisfied with him. I’ve only been with Clive 4-5 months but I can already see the improvements in the system and we have rectified the discrepancies that were there. The business we are concentrating on now we are still tweaking the system to make it even better. We made some changes and when we adjusted the spreadsheets there was a higher percentage of mark-up and profitability and it was great to see that picture.” “I’d say to people; “if you really want to give your business and health check , this is the man to talk to.” Warren Deaves – CMS

I want to restate that I have valued the way you have coached and supported our business over the last year. With your focus on actions, working on the business and providing practical ways through team problems, our business has not only strengthened its viability but also the relationships between the Directors. Thank you once again Anthony Critchley, Director, Newfangled Ideas

Clive has been our ‘business rock’. He has remained solid and kept us focused when the whirlwind of business was consuming us. He has been a huge support and able to boost moral during tough times. This strength from Clive and our determination has seen our business grow. We have implemented new marketing strategies, and both simplified and systemised our quoting process. The Coaching has given us confidence, belief and motivation… Clive is a likeable professional and an excellent ‘sounding board’ providing unbiased and objective advice for business strategies. His determination to keep us on-track and focused on our goals has enabled our business to increase profits, even during difficult times. Thanks again Clive, for all your help and assistance….. Thank You. Nigel & Cynthia Korff – K-Far Rural Services

“Never at any stage were we burdened by any additional work related to the exercise being managed by you and you became an extension of our own staff. We would have no objection in saying that we would engage you for further projects in the future and recommend you to other organisations interested in cost reduction.Weir Engineering

“The analysis was completed quickly and in a professional manner. We were involved and consulted at all times before letters were sent to suppliers and decisions made. We are very happy with our decision to engage them, and…they made several recommendations as a result of their market experience, which we would not have considered if we had done the review by ourselves. The savings introduced were substantial and proven to be without bias.” Stelform Engineering

…well worth the investment … Phil Sweeney – Superior Pest Control

“Clive and his team were engaged by our business to review our overhead costs associated with various products used within our business. We are very pleased with the results. The business improvements and savings achieved have delivered considerable benefits to our bottom line. The solutions presented have been implemented seamlessly and are operating effectively. Johnson Screens

… Go For It!  Gordon Heap – Ambassador Locksmiths

….”the speeding ticket I got when running late for your Time Management workshop was well worth the money” Peter Weatherley – Ambiance Electrical

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have you as a Coach… – Louise Considine – Abode Electrical

Do it because you don’t know, what you don’t know… Tracey Pell – The Good Mortgage Co 

We have learnt a lot of things about running our business from you. Some of the best things that we have learnt are ways to implement measuring of different aspects of our business that we knew we needed to do but did not now how to set up the instruments to do so. The spread sheet work has been really good and interesting. We will keep that going. The workshops have been really good and challenging. The goal setting is really good and is something I need to persevere with. There have been many good challenges, so thank you once again…Katie Goss – Gossies Mechanical Services

I have appreciated your very valuable assistance and help in growing my business and have instituted many of the suggestions you have made to make my life a little easier… Tony Bailey – Perfect Pool Surrounds

We immediately started to reap the benefits…of the system. Our time management improved out of site & as a result our productivity as well. Suddenly we had “time” to work on the business. The day at Symphony wire is almost always busy & throwing up new challenges that we need to deal with, so it was a significant mind shift to take control & actually plan how the days would go. It was amazing how much time we were wasting. Once we implemented our default diaries & kept to the plan wherever we could, suddenly time wasn’t a problem. Financially I can’t stress enough how critical it is to have a separate account for excess working capital. Without it we were always short of cash, even with a good cash flow. On cash flow, I guess we’d never really had the nerve to both put our prices up & shorten our credit terms, so once we did this, suddenly Symphony Wire was a new business. Our confidence in paying our BAS & IAS had been shaky; we had often put money into the business to get the BAS paid. After the provision account was open and started filling with cash, well we knew exactly where we were with the BAS & IAS. If something needed to be bought out of the working capital, we had a much better idea of how much we could part with at any given time, while still covering the BAS & the bills. All our systems for production resided in our heads and communication was never very effective. Once we had put our systems down on paper & then most importantly conferred with the production employees, we were able to build a much more efficient production system. We had more productivity & fewer errors. Also we implemented testing & measuring of all aspects of production, which is how we KNOW the new system is working well. Prior to commencing business coaching our sales & marketing was either haphazard or totally non-existent. Now we have an ordered, methodical approach to our sales. We have regular customer contact & customers greatly appreciate that. Our website is now easy to update & we are far better at writing the content. There are several sections now & many good stories giving testimony as to Symphony wire’s excellent products & service – a lesson learned from the Coach. Business Coaching helped us to position Symphony Wire in the industry we’re in. We sell the most expensive locally produced product in our industry but our customers wouldn’t be with anyone else. We always emphasise our service & advice and our manufacturing warranty is VERY well received with our customers; we make an excellent product & stand behind it, which limits their vulnerability to breakdowns and buys them peace of mind. We were the first (& still the only) supplier to GIVE our customers a repair kit. Management wise, we’ve gained a great deal of experience in the past 19 mths, and the action system has helped us with recruiting, training & then managing our people. It was of great comfort because we hadn’t employed anyone outside the family prior. Clive has been a huge inspiration. Implementing various parts of the action systems sometimes created tensions within the company, Clive’s steadying influence helped keep things productive. We really could not have hoped for a better ambassador & all round help to Symphony Wire – Well done Clive! I firmly believe in your coaching system… an excellent way to take your business & your life higher & further than your wildest expectations. Playing above the line is the only way to conduct one’s life & business, something we should all strive for at all times. It’s great to have someone such as Clive around to help with this. I recommend Clive to you – you won’t regret it. – Tom Howell – Symphony Wire

… great deal of clarity… Jonathon Erwich – EE Professional Consultants

The inspiration and ‘know how’ to implement the initial steps towards my goals… the course is well structured… Sarah Hammerli – Perfect Circle Carpentry

Great session, motivated me… should make immense difference…extremely happy – Nicole Denning – Mobility 2 You

Helped to clarify aspects of financial management – no more guessing…helped me to get motivated…Frances Browne – 5 Elements Health
I love the new tools, .. will help make purchasing decisions and collections… Cynthia Burgess – Leeks P/L

Very Interesting, very informative, excellent – Karen Booth – Freeman Fox

Great ideas, enormous potential for my business – Robert Krix – Krix Design

Really interesting to see how minor changes can effect overall profit, Great session, it will help us structure our marketing plan – Ben Town – Exia

Thank you for your comprehensive coaching sessions. I really enjoy listening to you and the way your structure your sessions. I am gaining so much knowledge that is proving extremely useful in my business. After the meeting last week, we have changed our sales costs due to my break-even analysis! –Elesa Grace – BCB Group

So much info that I can use in our marketing for our business, Enjoying your mentoring every month. Great value with help from notes and workshop will help us focus on our target market … Everything is great… Excellent and clear ideas… Robyn Marsden – OzVideoTech

Hi Clive thanks for another enjoyable session…. Great value, new ideas, inspiration, stimulation to review existing systems… after last session I implemented a $90 strategy which generated $50K in sales… even at owner/investor stage there are still improvements to make – Simone Page- Go Vita Revesby


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