Richard Branson’s Autobiography – Losing My Virginity.

Richard Branson’s Autobiography – Losing My Virginity.

One of my favourite reads and some important lessons from Sir Richard. My friend from Ireland Kevin O’Keefe reminded me of how good this book was and whilst written as Bransons life story, Kevin took some very salient points from it in how Sir Richards focus has so many things for us to use to our advantage…

Main Points

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.Richard’s early life was heavily influenced by his mother who set him challenges from an early age e.g. stopping the family car a few miles from the family house and made the then 4 year old Richard find his own way home across fields.Richard remembers his early years as being in a very solid and loving family. The family did not have a lot of money and his mother had a series of small venture to augment the family income e.g. making tissue holders in the shed – she eventually ended up supplying Harrods. Richard was involved in these ventures from an early age.
  • Richard is dyslexic and was beaten in school for not being able to read or write properly. His first venture was to start a school magazine. He went on to promote this magazine into a magazine for Students across Britain.
  • Richard regards the most important part of business as getting the right people with the right culture in place and the customers will follow.
  • Richard does not believe in large companies – rather a series of smaller companies that can operate independently with the right people in place.
  • These companies have the same branding and culture.
  • He has a history of taking on large companies and beating them by focussing on giving excellent value to their market.
  • His smaller companies are more flexible and can react faster and more efficiently than the larger corporations.
  • You must be prepared to sue the larger companies to prevent the small companies being wiped out by illegal and or unethical practises.
  • Richard is a tireless self promoter for the benefit of his businesses.
  • He has also built up an impressive list of contacts through high profile charities and media businesses.
  • A theme running through the book is his unshakeable self belief and persistence.
  • Richard follows his gut instinct rather than getting bogged down in endless analysis.

I am now looking forward to reading his new book… Like A Virgin… which has some lessons they don’t teach you at business school.


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