Questions are the Answer! – Allan Pease

Questions are the Answer! – Allan Pease

One of the great writers of our times I believe is Allan Pease when it comes to the art of communication. His book Questions are the Answer steps us through how being great at asking the right questions can really pave the way for us to generate the successes we are looking for. With a primary focus on making more sales through meeting people he tells us there are “Five Golden Rules for Success”, these being…. Network, Speak to more people, See more people, Improve your Averages and Record your Ratios.

The book has a sales focus and teaches us “How to get a ‘Yes’” – the Four Key Techniques or steps to the treasure chest of sales:- Five Solid Gold Questions, Six steps to Powerful Presentations, 6 ways to make positive impressions and a little more on the effective use of language –

To get a Yes…the techniques that we need to have in our mind are to:

  1. Melt the Ice – the purpose of this opening stage is to create rapport with your prospects and find out about them.
  2. Find the Hot Button – never assume, ask questions, find out what is important to them or ultimately don’t waste your time with people who do not have hopes, dreams and priorities.
  3. Press the Hot Button – unlock the emotions and motivate the right prospects to want to find their own solution.
  4. Get a Commitment – always approach your presentations with the attitude that getting started is the perfectly natural thing to do.

To start with we need to understand what might be the primary motivating factors, and they could be…. Extra Income, Financial Freedom, To Have & Run Their Own Business, More Spare Time, Personal Development, Helping Others, Meeting New People, Retirement, New Experiences or simply to Leave a Legacy… you might think of others yourself.

Here are The Five Solid Gold Questions

  1. What Is Your No 1 Priority?
  2. Why Did You Pick That One?
  3. Why Is That Important To You?
  4. What Are The Consequences Of Not Having The Opportunity?
  5. Why Would That Worry You?

The Six Strategic Skills for Powerful Presenting:

  1. Bridging is a technique that keeps the conversation moving and avoids the situation where you might talk too much or your prospects talk too little.
  2. Head Nod Technique – when the speaker and listener both nod their head the listener experiences positive feelings.
  3. Minimal Encouragers – combine the head nod technique with the bridge and it is the most effective tool you can learn to keep the presentation rolling along.
  4. Keep eye control and maintain maximum eye control and use a pen to point to your presentation.
  5. Mirroring – when you are mentally in sync with each other, you adopt similar postures and gestures which creates rapport.
  6. Pacing – intonation, voice inflection and speed of speaking synchronise during the mirroring process to build rapport.

There are Six Tremendous Techniques for Making Positive Impressions – Remember you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  1. Palm Power invests its user with a degree of authority and silent command. Palms Up, Down or Closed indicate different feelings.
  2. The Handshake is used effectively when you want to give the other person control or allow them to feel in control.
  3. Always carry your folder, brief case or documents in your left hand. This then allows your right hand to remain free to shake hands.
  4. Smile Power is great for your business and personal life as it shows others you are not a threat to them.
  5. Territorial respect otherwise known as ‘Personal Space’ depends on the population density and what culture the person is from.
  6. Always Dress for Success as this can have a powerful effect on people’s perception of your trustworthiness, reliability, expertise, authority, social success or business standing.

Body Language and How to Read the Signs shows the way you look, gesture, smile, dress and move has the most impact on the other person’s attitude toward you. The way you say things is 3 times more important than the words you use. Being able to read body language means being able to see the obvious in everyday situations.

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