Productivity Systems

Systems For Massive Results

Without good systems your business is at risk. You can’t do it all yourself. Your clients and everyone around you will want consistency, so to grow to be really successful you will need great systems.

Too many times I find businesses relying on individuals rather than watertight systems, and therefore exposing themselves to unnecessarily high levels of risk. We will introduce to you:

  • how to create systems that run your business to produce massive results,
  • how systems can free up your time,
  • how to work ON your business not IN it,
  • some simple tools to use to make the process easier, and the end result more controllable and usable.
  • how having systems can help drive your efficiencies in Sales and Customer Support too.

A power packed session which lays the foundation for your business success and how to create a profitable enterprise that can work independently of you..

We uncover the stepping stones to build upon and teach you our powerful business chassis which holds the keys to substantially increasing your business profits…and create a lean and agile business that will work without you. 

Time Mastery

You are busy….too busy in fact to get on top of everything, and everyone needs you now, yet you seem to be in a downward tailspin. It would be great to cut through all the chaos and have everything running more smoothly….ahhh what a dream!! Where does all the time disappear to…and… How do others make it look so easy?

We start by looking at how to get some Time back. We share with you the secrets and tactics to apply immediately in your business and life. You cannot do it all yourself….and maybe your team are running around being unproductive too. Do you know? Learn about…

  • a range of powerful tips to find a good one or two more productive hours in your day
  • how to handle time thieves,
  • how to organise your priorities,
  • taking control of major projects,
  • the tools available for your better productivity.

There is so much technology around us, but do we optimise our use of it, or does it rule us…or do we even know it exists? You will learn how to take advantage of the range of different tools and services available today through the internet and other communications tools.

We share tactics to apply immediately in your business and life, and examine the 3 levels of force that could be holding you back. You will take away some great practical and easy to use steps to make more of your time, so if you are always busy and not getting everything done you need this workshop, even if you cannot find time to book it in.



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