Nautical PowWows

Let Us Tailor An Exclusive PowWow For Your Core Team

All of our PowWows can be exclusively your own private facilitation, including the follow-up consultations, tailored specifically and focussed where we may be discussing sensitive and confidential information and need to be able to talk openly.

These may be simply forward thinking and planning focussed events or think-tanks with the best in your team to help raise the bar, or address a particular challenge. Sometimes we need to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and tackle difficult issues without distractions so where better than on a Nautical PowWow.



Strategic Planning

Map Out The Bigger Picture - Especially for the Boards, Committees & Management Teams the “Strategic Planning Pow Wow” is that perfect opportunity to brainstorm, review, refine your direction. Your Skipper will facilitate and prompt discussion, manage the team dynamics and enable all members of your team to enjoy full focus on the important matter at hand. This is a program tailored to your desired outcome where you want to get involved as the leaders of your team or business, and have someone external run the day for you…

Not just for the Board, but often key or select groups within the organisation, franchise groups, or a part of the organisation can take a PowWow for a particular project to be planned.

Setting The Compass

This is all about making sure you have the right mindset and systematic routine to give you the advantage you need.

If you are not sure where you are going how are you going to get there? Do you have the right mindset? If not then again you will struggle, so we help you with how to unshackle yourself from those anchor chains that are holding you back. You will learn the system for success and what it takes to have the business and lifestyle you desire. We also challenge you to stretch your beliefs and then how to take control of your priorities and set your sails for success. Who do you need to be to do the things you would love to do, and achieve the things you want to have… Finally...we work with you to develop the formations of a plan to make the next 12 months the best you have ever seen.

Customer Focus

A serious facilitated brainstorming session with your best clients designed to help strengthen relationships and get new ideas to raise the bar even higher.

Who better is there to let you know how you can really lock them in as a key client. Here is an opportunity to take them away from their work, reward them for their loyalty of course, but really delve into some open discussion about your business and how it affects them, what you can all do to help each other, along with some outside the square thinking…

This is the place where so many great ideas can come from as we take time out of the routine to think clearly and creatively together. We will facilitate and take notes for you so that you can maximise your outcomes….and what better way is there to reward your favourite clients.

Organisation Efficiency

Tips and tricks to apply to make the most of every day with your time and operational efficiency and consistency…and how to implement these systems.

Every leader needs to handle time thieves, to organise our priorities, take control of major projects, and to design systems. We discuss the many Tools available for better productivity. There is so much technology around us, but do we optimise our use of it, or does it rule us? Do we even know it exists? Take advantage of the range of different tools and services available today through the internet and other communications tools. Too many times I find businesses relying on individuals rather than watertight systems, and therefore exposing themselves to unnecessarily high levels of risk.

Inspirational Leaders

Introducing 16 keys for Supervisors, Managers, Executives, Young Entrepreneurs and Directors from all walks of life to become the Leaders of Leaders – systematically.

In a practical sense we take it in turns to be the “leader” whilst sailing and learn from our experiences in being the Leader when outside your comfort zone.

You’ll not only learn the process of how to become a great leader, but also how to recruit great people to create a business that works without you even needing to be there.

If you are a Manager, Director, Business Owner, Team Leader, or even a Recreational Leader, your success depends upon the skills you have acquired and worked on to get the best out of your team.

Team Alignment

Get your Team all working efficiently together towards success in no ordinary team building exercise. At least annually it is important to take time to re-focus our Team for the forthcoming year, a critical investment to gain the commitment, creativity and engagement of your key team members.

We focus on alignment of the roles and actions with company goals and strategic intent of the business. We identify the commonalities, differences, opportunities and issues to gain full alignment towards building a championship winning team. Mutual & measurable performance goals, roles & accountabilities are established with clear and specific actions. Opportunities are identified for growth, improvement and change while addressing historical success, commitments, agendas and challenges which may impact successful implementation.

Coaching Success

Leaders looking to fine tune their Coaching skills, and build their Coaching to never before achieved heights need this PowWow.

If you are a Leader, one of your core skills needs to be the ability to Coach others so if you could use some better systems for yourself, then this Pow Wow will help you:

  • Get clear on your role
  • Understand Change Management
  • Build some life changing skills to improve your Coaching
  • Deal with tricky "clients"
  • Identify some systems to leverage your skills
  • Position yourself in the relationship
  • Get Better Results.

High Achievers

Company teams and Franchises all have their star performers and can benefit in a big way when we take time to celebrate their wins and equally importantly, drill down into their behaviours and thinking that gets them the results that make them stand out.

They will learn from each other as well as being reminded themselves of what really works well for them. We facilitate brainstorming for new ideas to take back to work and review with other team members. The best ideas often come from a relaxed environment and none more-so than on a nice yacht.

Make this a target for the top performers to work towards each year, or even every quarter. We can tailor the focus for you each time to make it a truly rewarding and profitable experience, paid for by the improvements they bring to your organisation.


Tailor Made

Let us tailor something for you…. Our menu includes a variety of high powered PowWows designed for a range of corporate retreats for Executives and other Entrepreneurial Individuals. Additionally get together for Rewards & Reviews with your key relationships and brainstorm for some awesome ideas and clarity of thinking that comes from being in a relaxing environment… Of course don’t miss our flagship “Pow Wow in Paradise”….the focus group on steroids.

If you have something specific in mind, just ask as we most likely will be able to cater for it…even if we need to bring a specialist in to help us:

“To reach our desired port we must set sail, sometimes with the wind, sometimes against it –

but we must sail, not drift, nor lie at anchor”

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