Playing Above The Line – Brett Odgers

Playing Above The Line – Brett Odgers

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.17.17 pmHere’s a fabulous read from a good friend of mine and fellow Coach in Sydney. Brett wrote the story around his success in Coaching a teenage football team and compares how he used the exact same framework that we should use in our Businesses.

Below is a summary from Brett of the 7 things that made a difference in creating a championship team.

  1. We had a common goal and a clarity of purpose that everyone agreed on.
  2. A culture that supports the team & the individual members and means everyone comes together. We made agreements with each other, about our behaviour, and we held each other accountable to those agreements. So that we only had to manage the agreements not the players. It set up an environment within the team that brought out the best in each of us.
  3. Leadership requires selflessness, courage and tenacity. A definition I have of a leader is that people flourish and grow around them. Leaders helps their team to never, never, never give up. So members feel totally supported.
  4. We took responsibility for our own contribution….. No blame, no excuses and no drama. This empowered everyone in our team, and we held each other accountable for our actions.
  5. No mistakes, only feedback. No failure only feedback: So we corrected fast and we fixed things without any recrimination. This meant players could take risks and act on inspiration without fear of being torn down.  We did not blame, attack or put down anyone for taking a risk that didn’t work out.
  6. What gets attention will be repeated. We rewarded the behaviour we wanted to see more of. We did not come down on bad behaviour we just did not acknowledge behaviour we wanted to see less of. This corrected the behaviour without punishing people which built a huge amount of trust between the team and coach. We praised progress, risk, inspiration, team work, tenacity and assistance everywhere we saw it.
  7. True communication is the response I get: As a team we were aware of and took responsibility for the quality of our communication.

Brett’s book is a story of how a group of young men and women started from behind the eight ball and became a winning team.They achieved a level of performance that even shocked themselves…

…but it’s a parable for our lives and our work.

This group took total responsibility for their individual contribution………and eliminated blame, excuses and drama from their work………in other words…..They learned to play above the line 

And they had the turnaround in performance of their lives.

Working in a group that is Connected, Committed, and Courageous, in an environment where you feel invincible, where your team has your back and will never, never, never give up on you.

Well….. It’s pretty cool.   This is where you can be the best version of yourself.

It doesn’t matter too much if you don’t get it perfect; just know for now that you are powerful beyond measure when you choose to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, your communications, your happiness.

And progress is better than perfection

Here’s a link to the full story….

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