Nautical PowWows


The Ultimate In Strategic Retreats For Leaders Of High Performing Teams

Small exclusive groups of 4 – 7 professionals come together for 1 to 2 days to clear their minds from daily busy-ness, relax from the urgency and stresses and take on new “lean & agile” thinking to chart the best path for a high performance future – facilitated by “well-seasoned” skipper and YachtMaster of 30years+ Clive Jones.

This is not a holiday where your Charter Skipper simply takes you places….this is Action Learning where we facilitate your journey, stretch your confidence, while you form new paradigms and break those shackles from the chains holding you back. Think…Adventure, Challenge, Growth…Results!!

Creative Environment

We are more creative, open to different thinking and sharpening our skills when relaxed and enjoying what we are doing. 

This unique, exclusive and tailored program ensures you experience a new sense of confidence, challenge existing paradigms and enjoy new found leadership skills that many have translated into their life and the corporate world with great success…using our proven methodologies and frameworks.

Step on board and leave your routine and normal behaviours behind, step outside your comfort zones, setting the culture for a sound and effective learning environment, and learn more about yourself than you thought was possible.16265931_557690834427809_3680726170295753272_n

The Secret Sauce

Importantly, we then help you implement your goals when you get back to daily life…with a regular team collaboration conference call to discuss challenges and celebrate progress.

This really is the ultimate way to get away from the office to get ahead

Huge ROI

My aim is that you’ll generate at least 10 x your investment with me, inside the next 12 months….so this is a serious program designed to get serious results.

Of course you need to keep to the plan we develop and report in every month with your progress for further support. This is a fully accountable program – that starts onboard with the Nautical PowWow.


Tailored Options

Our wide range of team building POW WOWS are tailored to your goals…but all with the focus of efficiency and effectiveness – to eliminate waste.

  • Align Your Team
  • Improve Your Strategies & Tactics
  • Raise the bar in efficiency for even greater results
  • Reward and leverage high achievers in your team,
  • Brainstorm with some of your valued clients.
  • Address Leadership challenges to grow through
  • Take on new Coaching skills as a leader.

Ask about the Women Only PowWows

26239209_1591500000941577_3365932928484586449_nImage courtesy Gina Stuart

How It Began

Why Yachting

How It Works

Why Do A PowWow

A Nautical Pow Wow is a “Power Focus Group On Water”

– a gathering of talent to mastermind your future success

– onboard a beautiful sailing yacht.


“To reach our desired port we must set sail, sometimes with the wind, sometimes against it –

but we must sail, not drift, nor lie at anchor”

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