Lessons From a Young Woman

Lessons From a Young Woman

jessica watsonLesson 1.

Dream, Believe and you can Achieve..! Thousands turned up in Sydney last weekend to watch the return of a 16 yo girl sail into the harbour after a single handed, unassisted sail non-stop around the world. Millions tuned in to their TVs to marvel at Jessica Watsons bravery and ability in completing what many thought was an adventure doomed to failure. But as we all watched in awe and excitement for her I think many realised or started to see what she is made of, and how she actually pulled it off.

Lesson 2.

Plan and Prepare Properly..!  I smiled as I heard her responses to many of the interviews during the last week, and one in particular stood out as one of the many lessons business owners can learn from her… when quizzed about how she felt when confronted by massive waves and storms, she calmly replied that when you have completed all the right planning and preparation, you simply have to ride it out knowing that you have done all you can do and it doesn’t seem so bad.  

Maybe we have some limiting beliefs in our heads holding us back. Jessica Watson has reminded many of us older and “wiser” that we can do it if we want it badly enough.

There are many more things she can teach us but I really want to focus on these two lessons so I’m not going to rabbit on here and cover old ground… just suggest that you consider these 2 lessons with respect to yourself and your business. What Dreams do you have that you might have lost belief in… re-ignite that dream and go out and achieve it. Plan and prepare properly, do everything you can do to achieve your dream, and who knows… if a 16 year old can do what she’s just done… don’t you think you can live your dream…?

Check out her blog and more at http://www.jessicawatson.com.au for some more inspiration… enjoy!

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