Team & Leadership

Inspirational Productive Leadership

You’ll not only learn how to become a great leader, but also how to recruit great people to create  business that works without you even needing to be there. If you are a Manager, Director, Business Owner, Team Leader, or even a Recreational Leader, your success depends upon the skills you have acquired and worked on to get the best out of your team. This powerful workshop covers:

  • who makes a great leader,
  • why we need them,
  • different styles of leadership, and
  • my 13 top tips to becoming a better leader.

Building Your Dream Team

We need the right people on the bus but how do we attract them. Have you ever considered that you end up with the team you deserve? Well in this workshop we will show you why that just may be the case… In this workshop we will explore:

  • different aspects of what makes a great team
  • current people challenges in your business.
  • The 6 key steps for how to build the dream team you have always wanted, and…
  • the powerful way we find the right recruits in a leveraged and effective process.

Behaviour and Learning Styles

Human behaviour is an interesting thing, and when we start to understand it better, we can improve our relationships with everyone around us. This is a hands-on workshop in which we will learn something about ourselves and how everyone is different and has value to add to any situation in their way.

We will explore Personality Styles, Behaviour, Communication and Learning styles and how to develop interpersonal win/win situations for you and your business. You will find out your profile and how it can affect your outcomes in all aspects of life.


The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team

Dysfunction in the team can cause major harm to any business, and usually does, typically resulting in paralysis, apathy and destructive conflict. We need a common sense framework for understanding and addressing the dynamics in these dysfunctional teams.

We will go through a simple but extremely effective process for moving from dysfunction to high performance that can increase your ROI by positively impacting employee and management engagement.

The 5 characteristics all interrelate and can either significantly hamper the success, or be the foundation for crystallizing to achieve great results.


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