The Law Of The Vacuum

The Law Of The Vacuum

The Law Of Vacuum states that nature abhors a vacuum and the universe will fill it in… but what does this really mean? In essence it says that if we create a space or a need, that space will be filled in with something…. some stuff for us, but is it the stuff we actually want.

Stuff can mean results, clients, money, friends etc… apply whatever word you like.  So if this is this case, ask yourself this question…  “If I’m not getting the results, money, friends, etc that I want, what am I hanging onto that I need to clear out so the universe can fill it with better outcomes… or better stuff?”

Think of some examples in you life where you are not getting the results you really want…

  • What relationships are you hanging onto?
  • What low grade clients are you hanging onto?
  • What beliefs are you hanging onto?

It’s spring… so what better time to have a clean out. There are many ways to clear out old stuff and allow good stuff to flow.

  • Clear out old client files and have new blank ones on the shelf ready
  • Identify employees that need to go so that you have room to replace them
  • Say no to time draining clients and people
  • Put no time in between client bookings
  • Clear out old stock, or poor sellers to make room for better options
  • Clear out wardrobes of old clothes, shoes
  • Let go of disempowering beliefs
  • Examine relationships and finish up with draining ones
  • Put a deposit on that new car, or holiday that you want…
  • Make a pledge to charity for a monthly donation

So here’s your challenge… what are you hanging onto that needs to be moved on? Let us know what you do to create a vacuum for a better future…

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