Improving Processes

In my first book “Systemology” I refer to the process of improving business processes to a sustainable and efficient practice. Many attempt it but sadly I have found these attempts to be poor at best as they are not managed well. 

Systemology is all about constantly striving to improve the way you do things to provide value for your customers. People often think “technology” but it is much more than just technology – it is a team of people, motivated by great leaders, working together to continuously explore more effective and efficient ways of doing things.

In Systemology, the business processes are a key knowledge asset of your organisation which must be easy to implement, use, control, and improve by your business teams to increase the value you provide to your customers.

  • Are you looking to make it easier to run your business?
  • Do you want to take control and make it less reliant on you being there all the time?
  • Are you looking to reproduce what you are doing well, and franchise or set up additional operations elsewhere.
  • Are you thinking that you just can’t find the right staff as no-one else ever does it like you? 

Effective process management depends on:

  • Easily accessible processes and procedures in a central location
  • Information that is easily understood by the end user
  • Process ownership and accountability
  • Motivational and congruent leadership…right from the top
  • Fully supported continued innovation and improvement of processes
  • A process that guides and controls this development

There are obviously problems with the flip-side:

  • Lack of accountability, no ownership of key processes
  • On-going improvement of processes is inhibited without process ownership and responsibility. Remove this barrier, assign ownership and make staff accountable.
  • Failure to achieve expected ROI on projects
  • Benefits are only realised when new processes are accepted into day to day operations. Make it easier for the business to inherit new processes from projects.

The challenges lie with inconsistent process execution:

If poor process management results in rework, inefficiency and inconsistent service delivery, investing in Systemology to ensure your processes are clear and simple to follow across all departments and sites, is undoubtedly going to change your business for the better. For example the use of mobile apps has been adopted by many business to use in the field to ensure processes are accessible and followed in a consistent way by all staff.

Seek first to understand:

Don’t jump in and make knee-jerk reactive changes to processes. The best decisions are not made on an assumed understanding of current processes. A clear and agreed understanding of current process is needed before it can be improved…and how they inter-relate with other processes should also be considered and reviewed.

The Book

book cover 3d paperback

I have written this book as I’m someone who likes to keep things simple and there just didn’t seem to be anything else in the marketplace for helping you develop your policies and procedures. Start with an easy read and then use it as a reference book to refer back to whenever you like….

There has to be a system, right? A set of rules to follow or processes to implement that successful business owners use.  Where is the manual… the book that tells you how to do all that? It’s here…. well look no further!

Available in Paperback from Amazon

I have read many books and learned from a lot of people… there is a whole atlas full of road-maps to achieve a wide range of different things that we all need to learn in business, and to many, it is simply a case of so much to do and so little time…. so where do we start?

“Systemology” will help you through this in a logical process… a system to follow if you like. Slavery is supposed to be dead, isn’t it… but many times I can talk to a business owner and when they work out their income divided across the number of hours they work and relate it to that of many junior workers, it is a sad reality that many are receiving far less. For most, they have poor or no systems in place to make the business run efficiently in the first place so are often at the ransom of expensive employees helping them to hold things together.

With systems in place we have less reliance on employee intelligence or common sense and can have more accountability to ensure tasks are completed properly…. Enjoy the read… Clive 


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