Our Iceberg Is Melting – John Kotter

Our Iceberg Is Melting – John Kotter

Set the Stage

1. Create a sense of urgency by helping others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately.

2.Pull together a guiding team ensuring there is a good mix of skill sets covering Leadership, Credibility, Communication, Authority, Analytical and sense of urgency.

Decide What To Do

3. Clarify the Vision of how thing future will be different from the past, and the strategies around making that future a reality.

Make It Happen

4. Communicate the vision and strategies clearly to get understanding and buy in from as many as possible.

5. Empower others to get involved to help make the vision a reality by removing as many barriers to this as possible.

6. Short term wins need to be found and celebrated to build momentum.

7. After the initial successes push on harder and stronger… never let up. Be relentless with required changes until the vision becomes a reality.

Make It Stick

8. Cement the new culture in place and hold on to the new behaviours, making sure they succeed until they become strong enough to replace old habits or traditions.

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