Systems For Growth

Stand Out From The Crowd

We focus on the importance of marketing and how you can use it to achieve your business goals.In this workshop we will...Developing your niche…and why it is so important! We share with you how to identify what is unique about your business and to turn it into an incredibly powerful business tool. You will extract your uniqueness – that which sets you apart from your competitors – and learn how to use it to get more of the customers you want. You can increase your marketing results right now...with the potential to develop an unlimited marketing budget.

Create Raving Fans

This is all about service and client fulfilment. You have done all the hard work to get a client, and it’s critical to make them want to return, and tell there friend to come to you too. We will take you through the steps on the Ladder of Loyalty which leads to creating Raving Fans.

We will discuss how to keep clients coming back time after time, and once they are loyal to your business, we want them raving about you to others. Learn also how to make connections with the right people, forming strategic alliances and some handy networking skills..

Sales For Non Sales People

Learn how to improve your conversion rate. You probably spend a lot of time and money on marketing and advertising to bring in new enquiries, so we need to make sure that we don’t waste those opportunities. There are different types of sale and different skills are needed for each, but mostly the principles are the same.

You’ll learn about the different types of salespeople and the difference between old selling and new. We will teach you the importance of a sales process and knowing every stage in detail. You will learn to understand the question funnel and how to handle objections. Everyone in business needs to be able to sell, and this workshop is about learning how to maximize all your efforts of great Lead Generation and Marketing.

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