Pod Pro’s

Pros In A Pod

One Of The Most Powerful Coaching Formats For Professionals In The World.

This model has been working for my Team of Peers for over 10 years since I started it in 2005


Pod Pro’s = Productivity + Proficiency + Profitability

You lay awake at night with too much work stuff buzzing in your head! You have so many things to do and don’t know where to start! Your team somehow gets to go home before you! Profit seems to just disappear!

Professional? Ambitious? Hungry for Success? A Bit Lonely? Frustrated?

Imagine having your own Team (POD) of Professionals (PRO) helping you to achieve your goals…sharing a wealth of knowledge and proven systems in a professional structured format. Collaboration is the way to get ahead today with access to Frameworks and Support in small friendly confidential groups…just like having your own Boardroom.

While one person is being Coached, you’ll be amazed at how relevant that session is for you too – it’s uncanny.

 This is a hugely powerful Coaching program with a fast paced agenda, designed to get you ahead without wasting time, help you optimise your productivity, enable you to grow, build strong relationships, address challenges and importantly – keep you accountable to your Goals.

Members will be able to share their successes regularly with their Pod in their own private forum. All this is done in the comfort of your own space – using the latest easy to use technology available over the internet – no travelling needed. It really is time to get efficient and effective.

Key Ingredients
  • Planning
  • Spotlights
  • Accountability
  • Frameworks
  • Team Work
  • Training


A Unique and Powerful Program For Outstanding Productivity


Regular Planning Sessions. We set you up to prepare for your success and hit the ground running.


Real time Facilitated Education, right at your desk – no travel involved and to a tight agenda with it’s focus in turn on everyone in your team – including you. 

Team Work

Collaboration and leverage from helping each other is key in your own private community online. Opportunities for great feedback and contribution.


The rubber really does hit the road. You share your weekly commitments, then we all keep you accountable as well as celebrating your successes.


No need to reinvent the wheel or work with a blank canvas – we share our library of Tools, Tips and Templates to accelerate your implementation


Plenty of time with Coaching sessions focussed just on you, plus the opportunity to brag about your successes and to ask your team for help

Is There A ProPod Ready For You Right Now?

ProPod Coaching Groups are carefully selected and start when we have the right team together.

Register your interest here and we’ll be in touch to make sure we place you in a group focussing on the right things for you.

Find The Right Professionals To Work With!

I am used to working by myself but felt I needed the support and insights from others.  I enjoy the disciplined approach to having to carve off an hour each week, to follow a structure, learn from business owners when I come across a hurdle and also share my experiences and provide input when given the opportunity.  I have grown as a person, a consultant and a business owner….All the best, Stuart

I have been a member of a Power Group started by Clive now for a number of years. It is great to have some other Business Owners to talk to and hear from on a regular basis. There are many benefits including new ideas, business strategies, a sounding board for concepts, sharing of documents, motivation, confidence, answers to questions and support. The long term result will be more growth and profits in your Business. The time involvement is minimal compared to the returns. Every Business Owner should be involved in such a group, give it a try…. Mark
I look forward to our regular group call on Monday mornings. Not only is it a great start to the week, I generally find it of terrific value. The subjects we discuss, no matter who instigates, are always very relevant to me, so generally heaps of learnings. It’s also good to share wins and challenges with a group that understands what I’m going through. I’ll be around for as long as you’ll have me.…. Michael
Many thanks Clive for setting up our weekly group meetings. I find the group meetings and agenda extremely beneficial. It gives me an opportunity to “bounce ideas” off other experienced business people, learn from others and to leverage other people’s research, resources and expertise to really boost my own knowledge and activity. It’s great to step out of the business each week and it keeps me on track towards hitting my business growth goals.” Anil Puri, Nine Pillars

What can I expect?

Firstly you should expect results.

Expected results include focus, direction, clarity, motivation, ideas, strategies, systems, structure and accountability to grow and improve your Business.

The objective is to use the knowledge, expertise, ideas, skills and synergy of the group to assist each other to greater success.

Overall it is set up to assist Business Owners, Leaders, CEO’s to achieve better productivity, less waste, and therefore more revenue, profits,  higher levels of Business Success and Personal Fulfilment.

It will also provide:-

  • Accountability;
  • Higher level of thinking, motivation and inspiration;
  • Professional and personal growth;
  • Virtual Meetings and networking with other like minded Business Owners;
  • Potential alliances and partnerships with fellow members;
  • Referrals and leads;
  • An opportunity to learn about change, technology and new Business ideas;
  • Positive and uplifting environment;
  • Work in collaboration, not isolation.

Pick Your Pod…

  • Executives – CEO/CFO/COO
  • Introverts in Leadership
  • Supply & Operations Mgt
  • Women In Leadership
  • Young Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Consultants & Coaches
  • Trades Professionals
  • Small Businesses
  • BDMs and Sales People
  • Sports Leaders
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