Building Solid Foundations

Formula For Success

If you don’t know where you’re going how are you going to get there? If you don’t have the right mindset, again you will struggle. During this inspirational session you’ll learn the formula for success and what it takes to have the business and lifestyle you desire. 

You’ll take control of your time and set your sails for success. Dream, Believe, Take Action and you CAN achieve! Find out how to use your own powers to set the foundation for success.

Who do you need to be to do the things you’d love to do, and achieve the things you want to have… We leave you with the formations of a plan to make the next 12 months you have ever seen. 

Plain English Financials


Finally in plain language that we can all understand, you learn the importance of understanding your financials and knowing where your cash comes from and goes to… and importantly how to keep some of it.  

You will learn how to read financial statements, the cash-flow cycle, budgeting and why most businesses only ever break-even. Are you making profits, if so where is it all going? Bring your calculators to make sense of this all in a fun and friendly environment…Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Margins and Mark Ups, Breakeven Points, Budgetting and Cashflows…. how well do you understand all that jargon, when you do get to look at it?

Here is a workshop where so many have said, “why didn’t they explain it like that to me before!”

It really makes a whole lot of sense! In this short workshop we turn our attention to all that numbers stuff that for far too many does not make sense…so you can stress no more!!

“I have seen people explain this before but never in such a clear and easy to understand way that Clive has tonight” – Sue – St George Bank

This workshop is ideal for a group of small & medium sized business owners, plus Accountants who want to educate their clients. 

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