Expense Reduction

Save up to 46% on some of your expenses... maybe more!

Here’s how to add $100,000’s or more… straight to your bottom line…

Stop The Leaking Bucket. Pure profit is being wasted by too many businesses. Savings of up to 46% (and more) of the original expenditure have been negotiated by our directors on behalf of many clients…$Millions of wasted profit and our service costs you nothing…..think of what impact that could have on your profits.

Are you turning over more than $10M?

Then contact us now to explore the potential….I know there is profit I can save you.

Our process is designed to find the best fit suppliers for your needs across a wide range of expense items, putting many hundreds of $1000’s back on to our clients nett profits…. while they remain focussed on Sales and business growth.

Most businesses we work with have core suppliers managed reasonably well – however there are still generous profit improvements that can be made by making their lives easier, and stepping up the relationship even further….as well as exploring new ideas.

An area of larger businesses often not very well managed is expenditure on general expenses while even core products tend to creep without monitoring. We have systemised our expertise in this field to ensure that you don’t waste profits unnecessarily.

In most cases we work with our clients on a Success fee basis…we only get paid out of the real savings we find for you…

Think of this as outsourcing your cost management without the overhead… we work away in our own offices and report to you regularly on the progress.

You set the parameters, and we get to work plugging the leaks. Our many years of experience enables us to also identify process inefficiencies too which can help you realise further savings internally through better efficiencies.

We can also work with you to introduce these systems into your business where you have the resources yourself.

Using sophisticated evaluation software all aspects of the negotiation and selection process can be considered, weighting the higher priority items accordingly, as well as exclusion of those bids that don’t meet your mandatory requirements.

With over $1.4M pa generated – here’s just a few examples of real savings made…
46% or $27968
An engineering components manufacturer based in Sydney saved $27,968.00 or 46% on Office Products.
$125,907 or 15%
A manufacturer with production sites in Queensland and New South Wales saved $125,907.00 – 15% on an Engineering Consumables spend of $850,000.00.
38% or $7291
A manufacturer of electrical engineering components spending $19,015.00 per year saved 38% or $7,291.00 on Washroom Hygiene services….while another client actually received a refund against significant overcharging
Over $120,000
A major international Pharmaceuticals company in Sydney saved Over $120,000 or 15% on their Catering and Canteen overheads 

We have similar success stories for Telecommunications, Printing, Freight, Workers Compensation, Raw Materials, Cleaning and many other areas of expense.

How much would you like to add to your profits?

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