Managers & Executives

Coaching For Today and Tomorrows Leaders

In business, the only thing that really counts is results. Executive coaching promises to deliver results within a relatively short span of time.

High achievers continually deliver results and they do it by performing at their best each and every day. In today’s dynamic business world, these high achievers also need the guidance, support and motivation of an executive coach to accomplish this.


Team Coaching

Your Project or Management Team All Working Together. Very different to individual Coaching, Team Coaching Program will address the impact of the organisations leadership, top tier dynamics and operational performance.

The group coaching sessions are to move any team to a higher performance through engagement, relationships, team functioning and decision making. If you have capable individuals in leadership and senior management positions yet you have execution issues, or you never hit the targets and strategies you aim for then this style of Coaching will be ideal.

Individual Peak Performance

Peak performance is based on a few key factors, and no matter what business you may be in, the fact is:

  • High performing executives achieve more
  • High performing teams deliver more
  • High performing companies make more profits and enjoy more market share.

How can you leverage your current skills, experience and resources in today’s fast-paced economy? How can you stay competitive in an increasingly competitive business world? How can you remain a top performer in a top performing company? Where can you get the tools and systems to use to give yourself the edge?

The answer is simple – by connecting with Clive.

This Could Be You….

Thank you Clive for your coaching! I greatly appreciated the openness we shared, you certainly know the real me. Your professional and expert approach helped me immensely and I now have a greater understanding in general. Whilst it seems we just got started, I endeavour to continue to grow and develop with your advice in mind.   Scott McWilliams – McWilliams Wine Group 

Chantelle has had an amazing change. I met with her again a couple of weeks back and it is astonishing how much her mindset has changed and how motivated she is to acheive her dreams. You have done a fantastic job with her and she was so appreciative of how much you have done to help her. I made the point to her about the person she was when I met her prior to introducing you as a mentor and how far she has come in such a short time frame. Great work Clive! Shaun Polley – Commonwealth Bank 

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