Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

This week I tuned in to a webinar by World Leading Leadership Coach Marshall Goldsmith, in which he initially spoke about Vicarious Living – essentially wasting time living other peoples lives. Marshall then went on to share some key points to understand when working in with key decision makers. He then flipped over and shared some great pointers about dealing with disagreement when you are the decision maker…so here are my bullet pointed notes that I thought worth sharing with you…

  1. Make peace that it is “their decision”
  2. My responsibility to sell – not theirs to buy.
  3. Focus on contribution to the larger good – and the needs of the decision maker – not just the achievement of your objectives.
  4. Strive to win the “big battles” don’t waste energy on trivial points.
  5. Present a realistic cost-benefit analysis…before trying to sell
  6. “Challenge Up” on issues involving ethics or integrity – never remain silent.
  7. Realise they are as human as you are. Don’t be amazed at “someone of this level”
  8. Treat decision makers with the same courtesy you would customers. Don’t be disrespectful
  9. Support the final decision of the organisation. (Fight internally – Support externally…ie salute the flag).
  10. Make a positive difference – don’t just try to win or be right.
  11. Focus on the future – let go of the past.

Dealing with disagreement when you are the decision maker

  1. Realise that you do have the power
  2. Leadership is not a popularity contest
  3. You can respectfully disagree without having to prove the person is wrong.
  4. Almost all decisions are best guesses – including yours.


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