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Nowadays there are more and more people claiming to be a Coach. Consider these 9 key things to consider before hiring anyone else to help with your business success.

With the multitude of different people positioning to help you, you would be wise to consider a few variables to determine who is your best fit….and question “are they just the enthusiastic new kid on the block?”…



1. How Relevant Is Their Depth of Experience? 

  • I have been self employed for over 23 years now, 13 of those as a Business & Executive Coach.
  • Prior to this I spent 10 years Consulting to business management in both the Corporate and SME environments.
  • Before starting my own businesses I held a range of Management roles systemising and improving processes.
  • Now aged 56 I have over 30 years of quality business management, leadership and training experience to bring to you.
  • My 9 years with ActionCOACH also provided some excellent training.
  • Team Leadership and Training in my passion for Yachting also led to me gaining both the English and Australian qualifications separately as a Yacht Master Instructor. The similarities in yacht racing and business team work are uncanny.

2. Do They Have Any Relevant Qualifications?

  • Starting my working life with a unique 4 year Management Apprenticeship and completion of Higher National Award in Business Studies (all in the UK), my education has all been centred around Business building and Success principles.
  • In summary I have attained Certificate IV‘s in Small Business ManagementLife Coaching, and Training & Assessment.  In line with my interest in training was also accredited as one of the early MYOB Certified Consultants.
  • Even though there are no nationally recognised qualifications, I successfully attained and hold the International Coaching Federation‘s recognition as Professional Certified Coach, which requires continuing education and re-qualification. I am also currently a member of the ICF Professional Standards Committee such is my belief regarding the industry needs.

3. Do Their Results Speak Up For Them?

A history of successes is key and you will find a plethora of these…

  • Back in 2012 I engaged an independent interviewer at Hotsource Marketing to undertake some Client Case Studies which even highlighted benefits that I hadn’t been aware of.
  • Over time we have also accumulated a loooong list of Testimonials from Happy Clients which are further social proof.
  • Then of course I have long term clients and those who return to Coaching with me after taking a short break because they see the benefits

4. Do They Offer Any Guarantees?

The nature of what I do usually makes a Guarantee of success impossible to offer. Often guarantees have several escape clauses so my belief is that as long as we set off in the understanding that we need to work together consistently towards your goals then eventually we will make it.

However I can guarantee to provide the service I have offered and the persistence to keep you on track to completing the tasks you share with me.

5. Are They On Your Wavelength?

You need someone who listens…not just for the next opportunity to start talking.

I have always been someone who will take the time to listen and probe under that first response and dig a bit deeper…a bit like peeling back the onion. That’s where we start getting to the gold.

If I don’t understand I will ask more questions and make no assumptions. Clients of mine are often astounded by the great ideas they have when working with me.

6. How well Connected Are They?

Having been Networking now for over 20 years I have built quite a database of useful relationships which I can call on from time to time when clients and alliances need someone to help them.

I may have those magical connections that could also be your best alliance or even customer down the track.

7. What Support Structure Do They Have For Their Own Business?

It is important that we all have the belief in the service that we provide and I have built a team of colleagues around me that talk regularly to keep sharpening that saw and sharing tools, thinking and other resources, so we can each help our clients better. We are all very different in our specialities so compliment and work together well.

On top of this I do have a very supportive partner who offers me the personal support enabling me to focus on helping clients build their systems to “Thrive”. 

8. How Well Systemised Is Their Support?

Without good systems you will be left wondering what is next. I won’t dwell on this as my belief is that success requires a good combination of People & Processes.

The processes or systems that I have adopted and adapted to suit my clients are constantly being tested, measured and refined. Every client is different and my systems are flexible enough to work with them. 

9. Why do they do what they do?

Have they taken redundancy and decided they can now be a guru because they need the money? Have they got an ego the size of a hot air balloon? Just be careful.

For me… I love the phone calls and emails I receive when clients see the results from the systems I have helped them with. Yes, I have a mortgage to pay but there are easier ways let me assure you, but the buzz I get from seeing the results…. that’s what makes it all worthwhile. There are too many business owners working hard and not smart. 



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