Self Confidence – Tony Richards

Self Confidence – Tony Richards

Tony Richards has written a series of books on Self-Confidence with the following sub-titles….Happinessandsuccess

  • For happiness and success
  • For Managing People at Work
  • For Young Adults
  • For Anyone Who’s Ever Been Dumped
  • For Dieting and Health
  • For Sporting Excellence
  • For Surviving The Office
  • For a Work/Life Balance

I recently attended a workshop presented by Tony in my role on the Board of Centre For Hope, a Not For Profit supporting our youth with challenges fitting in with society….and Tony has great success in this area. The books he has written are a very easy read and highlight the following key points.

Firstly we need to understand the External Providers of Self Confidence:

  • Money,
  • Physical Attractiveness,
  • Exceptional talent,
  • Achievements,
  • Celebrity status,

On the Flipside there are a number of Enemies of Self Confidence….We need to be aware of and then overcome these…

  • Self doubt,
  • Uncertainty,
  • Fear,
  • Conflict of Conscience,
  • Guilt,
  • Arrogance.

The books cover the detail behind each of these quite clearly.

There are 3 key elements to Self-confidence = Trust, Reliance, Respect

We had a brief discussion on helping build self confidence in others and highlighted a couple of tactics that can make a big difference…

  • Offer opinions…not advice
  • Eliminate from Vocabulary …”you should”…

Now here’s the “system” to follow for building your own self-confidence, in 5 Critical Steps…(in order)

1. Recognise & Embrace your own uniqueness.

  • Positive affirmations that you believe, … Even though i…… I completely accept and love who i am,
  • once you accept you can then turn that into a positive affirmation

2. Acknowledge & celebrate your achievements…

  • celebrating helps build a barrier to enemies of self confidence

3. Write a life contract with yourself…(your personal vision)

  • Making it tangible, concrete, relevant ….
  • Small card in pocket/wallet, etc…keep with you ….
  • uses principles to defend against ALL the enemies of s/c ….
  • write principles that positively define how you see yourself …
  • Use for clarity of direction & confront any negative issues in your life ….
  • no need to memorise it …read at least twice a day…slowly ….
  • edit as your life changes

4. Set easy achievable goals ….

  • need to have first 3 steps in place ….
  • setting false expectations can undermine s/c ….
  • actions to support life contract

5. Application …

  • apply to your life ….
  • apply each step


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