Company Culture

Is Your Company Culture Costing You?

Corporate Culture

The Corporate CultureMap™ is a group survey designed to reveal and clarify an organization’s interpersonal culture; the workplace environment formulated from the interactions of the employees in the workplace. It is an organizational survey, not an individual behavioral profile, psychological instrument or skill/competency assessment. The structure of the survey is designed to make the results actionable, providing organizational leadership with a well-defined “road map” to improve their corporate culture.

Organizational culture is influenced by many complex and interconnected factors, from corporate history and traditions to current employee values, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, life experiences, etc. And within large organizations it is not uncommon to find numerous “sub-cultures” within departments, divisions, work groups or geographic areas. The CorporateCultureMap is designed to make it possible to identify these sub-cultures as well as the broad organizational culture. 

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