And so it is Christmas…

And so it is Christmas…

And how is it that Santa always delivers the goods on time…..??

Ever thought about how the man in red brings it all together to make it happen?

The North Pole is a hive of activity for 12 months – recruiting, planning, ensuring systems are in place, testing & measuring the toy range and creating the intensive marketing plan!

What would happen in the Toy Department if the elves were low on Production & Productivity? Santa requires skilled tradesmen who enjoy working in a team environment to produce the toys in time for the delivery date.

And where would Santa be if the Transport Department did not have a leader…….without Rudolph out the front to guide the team they would still be riding around & around in circles aimlessly with no direction.

Even when Santa writes his list – remember he checks it twice to ensure he does not make unnecessary stops to the naughty list, thus guaranteeing greater time management on his journey!

Then there is the image…..

• Does the red suit need any alterations?

• Is the beard neatly groomed?

• Are the boots polished & shiny?

• Is ‘Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas’ being practiced to be conveyed in a convincing manner?

And so that Santa can pull it all together to ensure Christmas wishes are fulfilled – he gets advice from Mrs Clause. It is hard to achieve such huge results without solid advice from a trusted source or a Coach.

So in actual fact Santa really follows the SMART Goal Plan

SPECIFIC: everyone at the North Pole has a specific job

MEASURABLE: Santa knows when the job’s done

ACHIEVEABLE: Santa ensures he has an achievable plan of success

RESULTS: the smiling faces of all the children on Christmas Day

TIMEFRAME: what would happen if Santa was late….

Just imagine what would happen to Santa’s business if he did not know his market……children all around the world with redundant gifts & toys = unhappy clients!

So you see Santa has a 12 month plan so that he can deliver the goods on time thus creating customer service that excels and in doing so keeps his toy business productive for the next 12 months.

I am not sure there is a lot of partying until Santa sits down with that cold beer & Christmas cake on the 25th December and says to the elves & the reindeers “Good work team, we have delivered the goods on time once again! All children around the world are happy and mums & dads will definitely be depending on us for our business again next year!!”

And so Santa has a holiday and then makes plans for the next 12 months – somehow I bet that business increases in the North Pole next year………..

Make your Christmas count!

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