Are You A Boat Or A Train

Are You A Boat Or A Train

Are you in a job or a business? By comparing a self-employed job to a train and a business to a boat you might question where you are going. Is your business like a job?

A self-employed business…or job (like a train) is on a set track:

  • Will stop moving when you stop powering it.
  • You run to someone else’s agenda and not necessarily in the direction you want to go.
  • Could get derailed quite easily  eg  more people lose jobs than a proper business
  • A train has only one path and needs to hit a junction before it can change tracks and then only onto another pre-determined set of tracks.
  • If you are being paid well you may want to just stay on track and see where it takes you.

A well run business is like a yacht:

  • It has no set direction unless you give it one;
  • A sailing boat will get hit by waves, tides and winds that open it up to new opportunities; (when opportunity knocks on your door, you can open it!)
  • With a good team you can take time out and still sail efficiently in the direction you want to go
  • We need to raise the anchor(s) or let go the warps, i.e. those things holding us back.
  • Determine where you are and where you want to go (Set your goals), and map your path (plan)
  • You can either harness the elements (winds, waves) or you can fight them. Your yacht will keep moving even if you don’t power it.  Having a yacht means you can use these things around you to your advantage.
  • We shelter from the storm and pick the path. We need to set a sail and harness the stuff around us to help us get to where we are going.

Following someone else might be the easier track, but to set your own destiny you might need to look at taking your boat and setting your sails properly for business success. Often we can get a head in a yacht race by doing something differently, positioning ourselves better for opportunities that arise. It is often the small things we do that can make a big difference over time…. So are you fine tuning to power up… or just following the rest.

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